Things to keep in mind while buying a property in Borivali.

The residential property in Borivali is the perfect match for home buyers who dream of getting a beautiful house with all the unique amenities, irrespective of whether one is buying it for personal use or as an investment.

The dream of owning a home in the financial capital of India is a mighty task. The prices of residential property in Mumbai are very costly. Because of this, the demand for affordable and spacious luxurious properties has seen a sharp rise over the decade. Many home buyers are willing to buy their dream home that provides value for investment. Such residential properties are available in the growing suburb of Mumbai.

The western suburbs of Mumbai have developed to become the most livable. One such fastest-growing suburb of Mumbai is Borivali, which has evolved a lot in terms of connectivity, safe neighbourhood, tourist destinations and lush green havens.

In case one is looking to buy a property in Borivali, one has to keep in mind quite a few details before taking the plunge:

Exclusive Location.

One of the starting points to consider when buying a property in Borivali is the location, whether you want a property as small as a 1RK studio Home or a 2BHK flat. Make sure your dream home is connected to the city's railway, airport, metro, national highways, retail destinations, entertainment and business hubs.

Educational Institutions.

The western suburbs of Mumbai have the maximum concentration of educational institutes, with 30% of the total International Schools. From Ryan International School, Singapore International School, Don Bosco, and VIBGYOR & there are so many here. The resale value and rental yields are also higher for properties that are well-connected with different Educational Institutions.

Healthcare Facilities.

Evaluate whether your dream home address is connected to state-of-the-art and the best medical facilities because one doesn't know when an emergency health situation may come up.

World-Class Amenities.

Home buyers should look for properties that enhance their standard of living and their status. Seek properties with the best and unique amenities like rooftop swimming pools, terrace gardens, Bio-metrics based entry systems, Hi-tech Gymnasium, and stack parking so that you can live a pleasant life.

GST (Goods and Service Tax )

GST is only charged for under-development properties. So if one is investing in an ongoing residential project, one will have to pay the GST. However, if you buy a completed Property in Borivali, you won’t need to pay the GST .