Borivali: Preferred real estate Investment Destination

Mumbai is also called the city of dreams, where people come from different parts of India hoping to make it big.

Benefits of buying a property in Borivali.

Mumbai is the most admired destination for real estate investing domestically and abroad by NRIs.

Things to keep in mind while buying a property in Borivali.

The dream of owning a home in the financial capital of India is a mighty task.

Investing in Real Estate Is Better Than Investing in Fixed Deposits?

Here we bring you the examination of Investing in real estate vs Fixed Deposit.
Should you buy a property in Borivali East?

Should you buy a property in Borivali East?

Borivali East has slowly evolved to become a promising destination among home buyers.
planning buy property borivali east

Planning to Buy Property in Borivali East?

As you want to buy a Property in Borivali East, you must have already defined your long-term goals.

Everything about the Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act.

The main objective of RERA is to advance investments and protect the interest of home buyers in the real estate industry..

6 Benefits of buying under construction property in borivali.

For buying a new home, you may be considering buying a property that's under construction. It can be an excellent option, especially if...

Understanding the basics of property Tax

Property tax is a crucial source of income for the local government bodies in India, including municipalities and corporations....