zen3 floor plan

ZEN 3 : 781 Sq Ft

2BHK Configuration

ZEN 3 : 781 Sq Ft | Zenon Entity

  • This 2 BHK Flat is for sale in Borivali East and has a RERA carpet area of 781 sq. ft built for the extraordinary. Coming from the real estate leader Zenon realty offers a highly upscaled and spacious 2BHK Home.
  • It is a brand new 2 BHK Flat , located close to Borivali railway station and Borivali metro station. Zen 3 2 BHK apartments offer sophisticated luxury to benefit your premium lifestyle. Thoughtfully crafted and aesthetically designed interior, every element reflects elegance and finesse.
  • Zen 3 has an enormous living room coupled with dining. As one of the most frequent meeting spots for family and friends, the living room is highly welcoming and cosy. This architectural design is very minimalist and pleasing to the eyes. It is the best place to relax and chill after a hectic day at work.
  • It has a high-end modern kitchen with planned space, good lighting design, and flawless visual texture. This 2 BHK Flat for sale in Borivali East A vast kitchen where all the actions happen. A proper luxury kitchen for all considerations like parties, families and daily use. The kitchen naturally incorporates the inside environment of the home with the living space and dining space. It is the natural extension and heart of any home.
zen3 floor plan

ZEN 3 : 781 Sq Ft (Alternative)

2.5BHK Configuration

  • The bedroom and the master bedroom are adjacent to each other, which is beneficial for large families with small kids and senior citizens to keep them nearby. The design is elegant and luxurious. Zen 3 bedroom is made with careful attention to every detail with an excellent combination of comfort and beauty.
  • Zenon is located in close connectivity to many International schools, temples, Entertainment, shopping complex and hospitals which makes it attractive for every home buyer who is looking for smart connectivity to essential destinations and a balanced luxury lifestyle. Also as an investment option it is the best 2 BHK Flat for sale in Borivali East.