Borivali: Preferred real estate Investment Destination

Mumbai is also called the city of dreams, where people come from different parts of India hoping to make it big and achieve their Dreams.

Among those dreams is owning a house, which makes Mumbai one of the prime real estate investment destinations in India and Globally. Mumbai is a city which is a continuous work in progress. Even though the prices of real estate in Mumbai are comparatively higher when compared to the national average, real estate in Mumbai has always been in demand. The continuously evolving skyline is evidence of the strong demand for real estate in Mumbai.

Amidst the hustle-bustle of this city which is rich in heritage and history, there lies a heavenly green suburb of Mumbai. Titled the 'heavenly green suburb of Mumbai', Borivali is a dense green suburb whose allurement has been hard to resist with a continuously growing residential neighbourhood in recent years. The luxurious flats in Borivali are been developed by many reputed real estate developers in Mumbai. The name Borivali comes from the existence of a lot of bushes of sweetened fruit called "Borr" in Marathi. Apart from this plush green neighbourhood, it offers many other conveniences also.

Fantastic Availability of Transport.

Firstly comes the heart of Mumbai Aamchi local trains, and Borivali railway station is the leading and biggest railway station on the western line of the Mumbai suburban railway station network. It has access to all stations from Churchgate to Virar. Borivali is around 30 minutes away from the Mumbai International airport. It also has connectivity through the metro station which will connect the zenith areas of south and north of the city. The east side of Borivali is well connected with the Western Express Highway, while the west is linked to the new link road.

Consistent Residential Development and Appreciation.

There has been a continuous rise in the development of luxurious residential Flats in Borivali, which has led to a significant increase in interest from home buyers. As per, the avg. price per sq. ft has risen 11.06% in the last year from July - Sept 2021 to April - June 2023.

Social Infrastructure Framework.

Borivali boasts many reputed international schools, world-class healthcare facilities, retail destinations, fine dining restaurants and temples.


Borivali has an enormous population of Gujarati followed by Marathi. The three dominant languages spoken in Borivali are Gujarati, Marathi and Hindi. According to Wikipedia, Marathi, the authority language, is the native language of 25.62% for the most part in the eastern piece of the suburb and Gorai region while the predominant language, Gujarati is the first language of 44.13% of the population, Hindi has been the main language when it comes to trade and commerce.

Tourist Attractions.

The first centre of attraction in Borivali is Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which has a long history dating back to the 4th century B.C. The park was called Krishnagiri National Park in the pre-independence era. There is a butterfly garden within the park, and one experiences the wonderful sighting of a myriad of butterflies. Guided tours are available on prior bookings.

While the Sanjay Gandhi Public Park draws in multiple million guests every year, it is not the only tourist destination. Gorai beach is bliss for people looking to disentangle from their busy lives with their families and friends. The Global Vipassana Pagoda is one of the seven miracles of Maharashtra, as proclaimed by the Maharashtra tourism development corporation in June 2013. It has one of the largest meditation hall centres and can house up to 9000 people at one time. The Pagoda is constructed in Burmese-style architecture. It is basically a copy of the Shwedagon pagoda which is in Myanmar.