Realise Your Higher Self.

As the best real estate company in Mumbai it took its root with a vision to enhance lifestyle standards by delivering the best to every home buyer in line with global parameters that match or surpass. Zenon is a Greek name that means friendly. We want to be that friend whom you can trust anytime when it comes to buying your dream home.

Home is the point of genesis from which every citizen of the human species sets its relevance. A home is among our heartfelt needs. This human attachment to spaces sets our every journey into motion, the search for a home.

It is a continuous pursuit and our dedicated commitment to ensuring that the most profound human need for spaces and the changing lifestyle standards are understood. It is the lens through which we envisage our project and every minute detail. All of us are devoted to the best real estate company in Mumbai to enhance the experience of every home buyer out there.

Zenon realty development by Entity developer is a real estate company in Mumbai. Zenon is a 22-storey tower with a blend of residential properties and commercial spaces. For a person who values time, the project has the best connectivity. Zenon is the ideal house with many unique amenities like Gymnasium, kid's play area, Terrace garden, and a Rooftop Swimming pool. Zenon is a haven of serenity for couples and families alike.

Zenon realty is a property in Borivali east which is a tribute to your stature and for better value in life. Live a privileged lifestyle in a one-of-a-kind residential cum commercial tower in bustling Borivali east.

Borivali is the best-connected and fastest-growing suburb of Mumbai, combining vibrant new residential zones, business districts, and fantastic leisure and lifestyle facilities. This dynamic combination has made it one of the most popular suburbs of our electric city.

We understand that every homebuyer values liberty and wants to live life on their terms, creating a space that provides luxury and comfort where they can connect with like-minded people and build a meaningful relationship. When it comes to buying our dream home we want a space that gives us privacy while at the same time maintaining a sense of community. Zenon realty residential project in Borivali aims to deliver convenience without compromising on time or money. The place offers an easy commute as it is well connected to major public transport facilities like the railways and metro. More and more people embrace things that make their daily lives easy and better.

Zenon realty smart and luxury residential project in Borivali aims to increase the standard of living, translating into a higher status symbol. Surrounded by modern amenities, the way of living and its quality also enhances. Excellent road connectivity and proximity to daily essential and entertainment facilities make it the ideal real estate for potential home buyers.

The property in Borivali east is constructed using advanced techniques adhering to higher standards and ensuring the highest optimal quality.

Coming up with excellent real estate opportunities, the company promises to bring comfort, connectivity, unique amenities, and quality construction that enhance your standard of living.

At Zenon, we believe that people and technology play a crucial role in turning ideas into reality both within and outside the organisation. By partnering with the best in the world and India, we continuously keep ourselves evolving with global and local trends. We are focused on bringing ease to the lives of home buyers who will inhabit these spaces. We have aggressive plans for upcoming projects in various parts of Mumbai and other regions of India to become the best real estate company in mumbai.



To address the quality real estate requirements and enhance the lifestyle standards of a growing nation.


To build a better community for a better tomorrow. In this endeavour, we consistently focus on ‘Quality and Innovation’ and keep striving to exceed customer satisfaction.